What is a Campus Board?

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A campus board (sometimes known as a pan Güllich – very rarely we must add), is a training tool for boulderers and climbers alike. Traditionally, campus boards set at an overhanging angle and are made up of horizontal thin slats of wood, attached to a main wooden board (looking like a ladder). What Is the … Read more

What Climbing Shoes Does Adam Ondra Wear?

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The undisputable climbing king is the Czech mega-star. But what climbing shoes does Adam Ondra wear? He wears a collection of La Sportiva shoes, depending on what he is attempting. Ondra has done some of the world’s best climbs, so it is no surprise that he has used many different shoes. What is suprising is … Read more

What Climbing Shoes Does Magnus Midtbø Wear?

Which climbing shoes does Magnus Mitbo wear

The new sensation of climbing YouTube is the Norwegian superstar. But what climbing shoes does Mangus Midtbø wear? Well, it’s easy to say that the Scarpa Drago are his favourite shoe, particularly for bouldering and indoor lead climbing. Even so, the Norwegian has some other shoes stuffed up his chalk bag, and we’ll go through … Read more

Does Bouldering Make You a Better Climber?

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Yes, it does! The benefits from bouldering definitely transfer into all forms of climbing. As the saying goes, the best way to train for climbing is to simply climb. Therefore, you can incorporate bouldering into a training routing to improve your overall performance. Things like power and finger strength are also maximised by training through … Read more

Spotting for Bouldering – Key Techniques

Spotting for bouldering

Spotting for bouldering is not as easy as lifting your arms in the air and shouting ‘come on’ or ‘Allez’. There are a number of rules that guide the process. A good spotter is someone who pays attention and minimises risk for the boulderer. We’ll have a deeper look now. What is Spotting for Bouldering? … Read more

Too Old for Bouldering: Is There an Age Limit?

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If you are looking to get into bouldering but you are an older adult, then you may have some trepidations. You may ask yourself questions am I too old for bouldering? What is the best age? Well, there is no definitive answer. Obviously if you are 80, it may be too late, but those a … Read more

Benefits of Bouldering – Why You Should Start!

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As proponents of the sport, we love to shout the benefits of bouldering from the rooftops. There is so much you can gain from starting bouldering. First of all, it is the ultimate full-body workout. You can utilise your aerobic capacity and build strength. Furthermore, things like core stability and flexibility will all be improved. … Read more

9 Bouldering Tips for Beginners

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When you are new to a sport, it can be easy to make rookie mistakes. That is why we have created the ultimate list of bouldering tips for beginners. We’ll guide you through technique, mental aspects, and all other components that can make you better. Of course, it is natural that you want to progress … Read more

Bouldering vs Climbing: What’s the Difference?

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If you are new and looking to get into the sport, you may be wondering what is the difference between bouldering vs climbing. It must be noted, there are many types of sub-sections of climbing, and we’ll go into them briefly further down. Bouldering is its own subsection of the sport. We have already detailed … Read more