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Welcome to our bouldering gear hub. Our team has dedicated countless hours to bring you the best possible guides for you to use. We pride ourselves on making the best recommendations, and each product we rate goes through a stringent testing process. Read below for an overview of our process.

How We Test Our Bouldering Gear

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Testing a product before we rate it the best is naturally a key component of making a ranking list. In order to bring you the best bouldering gear, our team goes through a number of processes to determine which product to include in their lists.

We will now list how we go about that.

1. Research Bouldering Gear and Products

This is the first step in any process and is essential to start the train rolling. Every year new products come on the market and it is up to us to find out what and when they will be released. We will then determine a category for us to start testing in. For example, we will group products together, such as shoes, chalk bags, etc.

2. Select Bouldering Products to Test

Next comes the fun part. We have to select climbing gear and bouldering products to test. By researching thoroughly we see which products are rated the best and then we get a handful of the top of the line gear. We then acquire the said products, normally with our own money.

If we ever get given a product to test, we will make that clear at the top of the article. If this has not been mentioned then you can rest assured that we have taken the time to personally buy it, or one of our friends has the product and we have used it by borrowing it off them for a period of time!

3. Experiment With and Test the Gear

This is the part our team likes the best. We design a number of predicated experiments we can do on the product. Both at home and ‘in the field’. This allows us to get a comprehensive look at the piece of bouldering gear and as a result, we feel we can give a valued opinion on the product.

If we are doing a ‘best of article’ then we will compare them side by side. Initially simply by looking at them in our lab (the office, or home). Afterwards, we will take them to the gym, rock, outside – or wherever appropriate – and then give them a ‘real-life’ test run.

4. Gather Expert Opinion

This is another key component of our testing process. Of course, we think our opinion are the best and unbiased, but it is also wise to ask across the industry to see other people’s opinions and insights. This can either validate our arguments or cause us to give more detailed evidence for our findings.

Either way, it is an essential step that further validates our process.

5. Pick the Winners and Write the Review

This is what our readers want to know most. We will create a list of the best depending on our aforementioned tests. We will then create a specific bouldering gear review with the products listed.

This is another important stage for us as we need to communicate our findings effectively. This is integral for our readers to understand why we chose certain gear over others.

6. Start the Bouldering Gear Process Again

Here at TopBouldering we strive to provide you the newest and best bouldering gear reviews. That is why we are continually updating our reviews and creating new ones. We are here for you, and we want to provide the best service we can. Reviewing products is the main part of this website and it’s where most of our time is spent.

Conclusion – Only the Best Bouldering Gear Reviews

As you can see, our review process is a thorough and stringent one. We only want to list the products that will do you justice. We want to help the bouldering community not hinder them and that is why we go to such epic measures. Of course, some products won’t stand up to our tests and we will never list them in a positive way if they don’t!

Anyway, it’s time for you to check out some of our reviews, some of which you can find below!

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