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How to Start Bouldering?

The question for many of you young guns will be how to start bouldering? What is the best way? How will you be able to start climbing? It’s pretty simple, find a rock or a bouldering gym and just start! Of course, this is easier said than done, but this is the basic single rule along with the nine bouldering tips that will get you on your way.

Of course, there are certain things that can help you on your way, such as buying some bouldering shoes or choosing the right place for beginners, but this will only help once you actually get on your way.

When you first start bouldering it can be daunting. You go to a packed hall or climbing area and you immediately see climbers that are better than you. All we can say is that try not to worry, no one is going to be watching and you and even if they are, everyone started as a novice at one point!

The beauty of bouldering is that you are competing against yourself – unless you enter a competition that is, so even for beginners topping out is a great feeling. Every time you go you will see improvements and that is where bouldering grades come in, and even when you don’t, the mental aspect of the sport can be quite rewarding. Our main advice would be just go and give it a try.

Is Bouldering the Same as Climbing?

There are many different types of climbing and bouldering is one form of it. For those who don’t like hanging off a rope, or routes that take you up half a mountain, then bouldering is the place to go, just take a look at what climbing at the Olympics looks like for a quick overview.

Bouldering is often associated with power. As the routes are short and fast. What’s more, you don’t necessarily need a partner to boulder – although sometimes a good spotter is helpful. Unlike trad or sport climbing, the gear needed to start is very minimal and as a result, many people start off bouldering before trying anything else.

You can literally turn up wherever you are and start climbing. It’s not for everyone and as a result there are many other strands of the sport.

What to Wear Bouldering?

The simple answer to this question is anything! As long as you are comfortable, who cares? Of course, some products have been designed to help you in this regard, none more so than climbing shoes. Even so, there are tailored trousers, t-shirts, hoodies, and much more that you can utilise.

Many people like to wear jeans or stretchy material, and it is always useful to have a chalk bag handy when you get going. On this site we will bring you multiple different types of reviews in order for you to decide what you want to wear and how it will benefit you.

The Best Climbing Shoes

The best climbing shoes are simply personal taste. Naturally, some perform better than others and from year to year the scale can and does change. Even so, at the top end of the market, there really isn’t much variance when it comes to sorting out which bouldering shoes are better than others. On this site, we have created some top lists for you to devour, and we will explain how certain shoes perform better in different situations.

Do you like slab? Or is overhang more your thing? Then there will be different climbing and bouldering shoes that fit your needs better. Overall, our team has striven to give you the best results so you don’t have to spend hours on the wall testing which ones are better than others.

The Best Bouldering Techniques for Beginners

There are numerous things beginners can do to improve their technique and we will list them all in our blog section. It’s the question many of you want to know the answer to, but there is no quick-fix solution. All we can say is practice makes perfect.

Furthermore, you can use things like the best hangboards to improve your finger strength, which will undoubtedly improve your overall bouldering prowess.

Footwork is key, and once you have footwork sorted you will be already moving up the ranks. Finger strength is also essential, yet the improvement found here will initially come through bouldering regularly. Only once you have reached a certain level should it be advised to move on to fingerboards or similar training techniques. Knowing all the bouldering terms will certainly help.

Overall, the key here is practice makes perfect!