Bouldering Areas – The Guide to the Outdoors

The UK is brimming with prime bouldering areas. From Sandstone to granite, from the Yorkshire Dales to Dartmoor, there’s plenty to choose from. We have created a guide for each area and provided each with as much info and resources as possible.

Bouldering area, Curbar Edge, Hope Valley, UK
Curbar Edge, Hope Valley, UK

Choose Your Destination

To begin your journey, it’s probably a good idea to choose a destination! Below, you can find a list of bouldering areas in the UK, grouped together for relevance and proximity.

List of Bouldering Guides

We will update this list of bouldering areas as we go one. Like the true researchers we are, we actually like to visit the area before we write about it! We strive to provide accurate information with as many resources as possible. At the end of the day, we want you to have as much fun as us!

Take Care of the UK’s Bouldering Areas

Respect and nature should go hand-in-hand. It’s something we are passionate about here at TopBouldering. If we want to carry on going outside, we must also protect what we are using. The Leave No Trace principles are a good place to start. This isn’t just for bouldering, but for any outdoor adventures!

Furthermore, when bouldering outside on rock, there are a number of considerations you should take into account:

  • The type of rock – is it sandstone etc.
  • The weather – don’t climb when wet
  • Access – is the land public?
  • Attempts – limit the number on vulnerable routes
  • Brush/Chalk – is it necessary? You aren’t in the gym now!

Overall, the areas you will visit will be a fun and hospitable place. Some might be a bit remote, others may be crowded. If you are unsure about something, always seek local advice – you’ll find many boulderers are welcoming and don’t bite too much.

If you are a complete newbie, we have given some general tips for bouldering outdoors already, so this is a good place to start!