Best Climbing Tape for All Fingers

When it comes to keeping your fingers in action then only the best climbing tape will do. You could say it is sticky business finding the right one for you, but in the long run, it is definitely worth it!

Climbing TapeMaterialDimensionsRating
Metolius - Climbing TapeCotton10m x 3.8cm96
Evolv - Magic Finger TapeLatex Rubber9.1m x 1.9cm94
Austrialpin - Finger Support TapeZinc Oxide, Cotton10m x 3.8cm91
LACD - TapeCotton10m x 3.75cm89 - FingertapeCotton10m x 2.5cm88

Most tapes these days have very similar designs. Even so, some may be utilised better for crack climbing, whereas we will focus on the best finger tapes for bouldering. As you can see from the table above, we have chosen 5 stand-out brands that performed well in all of our testing situations.

The Five Best Climbing Tape Brands in Detail

1. Metolius – Climbing Tape

Essential Info

  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimensions: 10m x 3.8cm
  • Suitable for: Bouldering, Climbing

Our Verdict – Best All-Rounder

One of the best finger tapes is Metolius. Their roll that is 10 metres long and 3.8cm wide definitely does the job you need. The tape stays in place and we found it to be very sticky. Many crack climbers recommend it for making a glove and it has been noted to stay on all day.

For us boulderers, the tape works perfectly on the fingers too. It’s easy to rip the roll down into smaller sizes. We found it could easily last a full session. Furthermore, it is very affordable and is definitely in everybody’s price range. It is a top tape and one we would recommend for everyone.

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2. Evolv – Magic Finger Tape

Essential Info

  • Material: Latex Rubber
  • Dimensions: 9.1m x 1.9cm
  • Suitable for: Bouldering, Climbing

Our Verdict – A Unique Style

The Evolv tape is a tricky one to get used to. It is unique in its design. It looks like a gauze from a bandage, or similar, and the tricky part here is that it only sticks to itself. You really do need to fiddle around with it and follow the instructions for it to work.

This may annoy too many people, but once you get the hang of it, it is a top performer. The size is perfect and you can really utilise it to cover up splits or simply for support. The material makes it extra durable and sometimes it’s hard to take off! It’s not for everyone, but for some, it is a top choice.

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3. Austrialpin – Finger Support Tape

Essential Info

  • Material: Cotton, Zinc Oxide
  • Dimensions: 10m x 3.8/2cm
  • Suitable for: Bouldering, Climbing

Our Verdict – A Good Tape

As far as climbing tapes go, this is your middle of the pack, jack of all trades. It can be used for both climbing and bouldering and is another one that is very sticky. Even so, we found it surprisingly easy to rip off, and was sometimes loose by the end of our session.

You can buy it in two sizes, depending on if you want to use it just for your fingers or whole hand. This is a great option and means you don’t have to spend half your time ripping down the tape to your preferred width. Overall, it’s nothing flashy but does a good job.

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4. LACD – Tape

Essential Info

  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimensions: 10m x 3.75cm
  • Suitable for: Bouldering, Climbing

Our Verdict – Easy to Mount

This tape is easy to mount, but we found by the end of your session it can become slippy. We had to re-apply a couple of times throughout the day. This is nothing unusual and happens with most tapes if we are being honest.

It is quite a wide tape, and although they say they cater for boulderers, it can be annoying to tear it down to the width of choice. Nevertheless, this makes it easier to mount over flappers or other larger splits. Overall, we’d say it is the best for cuts or first aid.

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5. – Fingertape

Essential Info

  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimensions: 10m x 2.5/1.25cm
  • Suitable for: Bouldering

Our Verdict – Best Value

This is by far one of the best value climbing tapes on this list. It is cheap, but also produces the quality you need. We recommend this for bouldering and it comes in two width sizes, either 2.5 cm or 1.25 cm. Better yet, it also comes in a hand aluminium tin to protect it from liquids or anything else in your bag.

It’s sticky and also robust enough to withstand a session. The one thing it could improve is that it can get greasy quickly if you tend to sweat a lot, and this is why it scored lower. Even so, we really liked this tape overall.

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How to Choose Climbing Tape to Suit You

Overall, choosing the best climbing tape depends on what you are using it for. We will focus on the needs of boulderers, but this may differ if you want to climb crack, for example. So, let’s see what you need to keep an eye out for.


This is one of the most important factors, simply because you don’t want to be re-taping your fingers every other minute. The stickier it is, the harder it will be to remove at the end too. So if you have really hairy fingers, then maybe you should go for a less sticky one!

Another thing to look out for is how easy it is to tear the roll. If it is really tough, this could get annoying when you are trying to get a small strip to protect your pulleys.

Width and Length of the Tape

As for bouldering, we’ll generally only use tape for our fingers, then the thinner the better in our opinion. This means you won’t have to tear the tape in half as much, and you can simply get straight to protecting them!

Even so, we know some people who like to have wider rolls as they last longer and they don’t mind spending a few extra minutes here and there tearing. So it is really personal preference at the end of the day!

Overall the Best Climbing Tape Should be Easy to Use

Whatever climbing tape you choose, it should be easy to use. In terms of application and durability. There is no use having to keep fixing it, as it will just end up annoying you! The best thing about finger tape is that it is relatively cheap, so you can easily test multiple rolls to find your favourite. We recommend doing this as the easiest way to finding your favourite.

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List of Best Climbing Tape

Now we are finally over with our review, we will provide you with a summary and list of climbing tape we have chosen by category:

  • Metolius – Climbing Tape – Best All-Rounder
  • Evolv – Magic Finger Tape – Most Unique
  • Austrialpin – Finger Support Tape – Top Sizing Options
  • LACD – Tape – Easiest to Apply
  • – Fingertape – Most Bang for Buck

As you can see, there are plenty varied options on the market and we are sure you can find one that suits your needs to the fullest!


Now we are at the end of the review of the best climbing tape, we have decided to bring you some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

What is the best climbing tape?

Our team of experts have decided that the Metolius – Climbing Tape is our winner. It offers the top all-round product and is perfect for both bouldering and climbing.

Is Climbing tape the same as athletic tape?

Structurally, they are usually very similar. However, climbing tape often has an extra adhesive to curate better ‘stickability’, also they may be easier to tear off and apply than normal athletic tape. Climbing tape is also generally more durable.

How do you choose the best climbing tape?

There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration when choosing climbing tape. These are namely the stickiness and width and length of the tape.

Why do you need good tape for climbing and bouldering?

In bouldering, you will likely use tape for skin protection and to stop skin ripping after a tough session. In climbing, this is much the same, but in ‘crack’ climbing the gloves will also protect your overall hand and make using your hands for ‘jams’ much less painful.