The Best Bouldering Chalk Bags for 2020

When it comes to bouldering chalk bags, the requirements are different than if you were just using them for climbing. In the following review, we will give you our top five for 2020. We have tried and tested them all to bring you the best!

Chalk BagClosurePocketsScore
Moon Climbing - Bouldering Chalk BagHook & Loop1 Front Zipped94
DMM - Edge Boulder Chalk BagDrawstring1 Zipped, 1 Velcro92
Black Diamond - Mondo Chalk PotMagnetic2 Zipped89
Moon Climbing - Deluxe Bouldering Chalk BucketDrawstring1 Front Zipped86
Mammut - Magic Boulder Chalk BagDrawstring, ZipNone82

In the following sections, there will be a detailed breakdown of each chalk bag. As you can see it is a varied list. Moon Climbing’s – Bouldering Chalk Bag came out on top, but it was a close competition. We tried and tested each bag for ourselves, the results you can find below.

The Five Best Bouldering Chalk Bags in Detail

1. Moon Climbing – Bouldering Chalk Bag

Essential Info

  • Closure: Hook-and-Loop
  • Pockets: 1 Front Zip
  • Extras: Brush Holder
  • Weight: 190g

Our Verdict

This is the perfect chalk bag for bouldering. The base provides stability so that it will never fall over. The large opening also makes it easy to access the chalk at all times. There is also a brush holder, which saves on storage space. The small pocket at the front is big enough for tape and your phone.

The closure system, done through a hook-and-loop means that you can quickly access the contents inside. At the end of your session, you can also clip the buckles for extra security. Most of all, the bag looks cool. Which is important when you are bouldering, right!

2. DMM – Edge Boulder Chalk Bag

Essential Info

  • Closure: Double Drawstring
  • Pockets: 1 Zip, 1 Velcro
  • Extras: 4 Brush Holders, Handle
  • Weight: Unknown

Our Verdict

This chalk bag performed well in all of our tests. First of all, it has a very large chalk depositary area. Secondly, the double drawstring closure means that no extra chalk will escape when you don’t want it to. The handle makes it easy to carry around, too.

What really helps this stand out is its extra features. There are four brush holder attachments, which is pretty astonishing. Unfortunately, they are not elastic, so this means you need the correct size brush. The zip pocket and the velcro one means you have enough storage space for all of your essentials.

3. Black Diamond – Mondo Chalk Pot

Essential Info

  • Closure: Magnetic, Clip
  • Pockets: 2 Zip
  • Extras: Brush Holders
  • Weight: 177g

Our Verdict

Black Diamond have really pulled out all the stops for this bouldering chalk bag. The magnetic closure system is wonderfully designed and means you will never spill your chalk. Even so, this means that whenever you remove your hands from the bucket, it automatically closes. This can get frustrating, as you have to open it every time you chalk up.
Nevertheless, there are other features that improve the bag’s functionality. The two zip pockets are very spacious and scored the best for storage in all of our tests. There are also two brush holders for your pleasure. Overall, it is a decent chalk bag and you can really get some good use out of it.

4. Moon Climbing – Deluxe Bouldering Chalk Bucket

Essential Info

  • Closure: Drawstring
  • Pockets: 1 Zip
  • Extras: Brush Holders, Handle
  • Weight: 204g

Our Verdict

The second Moon Climbing bag in our top five is their Deluxe version. It did not perform better than the original, however. It has a drawstring closure system, which whilst good in theory, it does allow some chalk to escape when you are transporting it.
The zip pocket is big enough to store whatever you need and there are also some stash pockets too, which is a nice touch. The best thing we found about this chalk bag was the handle. It really made it easy to carry between problems. It looks nice too, which is a bonus, but there are better bags out there.

5. Mammut – Magic Boulder Chalk Bag

Essential Info

  • Closure: Drawstring, Zip
  • Pockets: None
  • Extras: Brush Holder
  • Weight: 200g

Our Verdict

The Mammut Magic Boulder Chalk Bag is the only one in our list that does not have a pocket. As a result, it makes it hard for us to recommend it for bouldering. The bag is unique as it folds so it is completely flat. In theory, this would make it easier to pack, in practice it is just annoying.

Bouldering bags should be sturdy, and this one is but you have to unfold it all in order for it to stand. Furthermore, the closure system does not work very well. The zip is ok, but the drawstring inside is too big and the fabric dips down into the chalk and it just ends up everywhere. There are plenty of better chalk bags out there.

What Makes Bouldering Chalk Bags Unique?

Simply put, they are easier to access and hold larger amounts of chalk. Unlike climbing, bouldering routes are relatively short. This means that you don’t need to strap a chalk bag to your waist as you go up the wall. Therefore, bouldering chalk bags have been developed and are sometimes be referred to as chalk buckets.

This is because they look like a bucket or a big pot. Another advantage of having a chalk bucket is that you can get both of your hands in at the same time. You can quickly chalk up and get back on the wall. Of course, you can still use your normal climbing one too, it is just these are more convenient!

How to Choose Bouldering Chalk Bags

Most bouldering chalk bags are pretty similar in terms of design and price range. The things you need to watch out for are closure systems, pockets, size of the bag, and its base. If all these components work well, you have found a solid functioning bag. Let’s have a look in more detail below:

Size and Stability

It is important that your bouldering chalk bag is big enough so you can easily put both hands in at the same time. This allows you to chalk up quickly and efficiently without any wastage. Furthermore, the base should be strong and stable so that it will never fall over.


This is a point of preference. There are drawstring, magnetics, hook-and-loops, clips, roll-top, velcro, and zipper. The major factor here is that you want all chalk to stay inside the bag when you are moving it around, especially when it is in your backpack. Ease of access is also something that should factor into your decision, as you don’t want to be annoyed by your bag.


Having pockets on your bag can really make a difference. There are a number of things you might want to store, such as phone, wallet, tape – or whatever else you think is essential to bring to the wall! The bag should have enough space for whatever you need and the pockets should close properly so nothing falls out.

The Extra Stuff

We are talking about brush holders or handles here. The more brush holders you have the better. Even so, two should be enough to get you through. If the bag has a handle to carry it around it will also make your life easier. At the end of the day, you can’t expect much more from a bouldering chalk bag, but functionality is key.

Extra Features Can Make a Difference

Now we have come to the end of this review of the best bouldering chalk bags we are sure you have found the one for you. As we have said, many are very similar and at the end of the day, they all do the same job. Even so, it is nice to find something that gives you that little bit extra, like an additional pocket or brush loop.

If you are interested in other bouldering gear reviews our team have lots of stuff waiting for you!