Best Climbing Chalk

There are innumerable chalks for bouldering on the market. Even so, we have laboured to bring you the best climbing chalk so you can optimise your performance on the wall. We have listed our top five picks for you. see the results in the table below!

Climbing ChalkTextureWeightRating
FrictionLabs - Unicorn DustPowder28-284g98
Moon Climbing - Moon DustPowder/Chunky300g95
Black Diamond - White GoldChunky Mix100-300g94
Metolius - Super ChalkChunky70-425g91
Ocun - Chalk Crushed 250Chunky Mix250g88

As you can see, there are some big names in there. In the following sections, we will detail why we chose them and how they performed for us in our tests. As with everything, it is a personal preference, but we still aim to give you the best advice when choosing your chalk.

The Five Best Climbing Chalk Products in Detail

1. FrictionLabs – Unicorn Dust

Friction Labs Unicorn Dust Climbing Chalk

Essential Info

  • Texture: Powder
  • Weight: 28-284g

Our Verdict – Walking on Clouds

When it comes to the best climbing chalk, there really isn’t much debate to be had. FrictionLabs have developed something special. It feels like you are putting your hand in a cloud. It applies very smoothly and you feel as though you have the perfect grip. There are some very small chunks in the bag too. It really is a well-rounded product.

Nevertheless, this is by far the priciest brand here. As they say, you pay for quality, but at what point do you want to be shelling out a fortune for chalk? That is up to you. If you can afford it, we say go for it, as there aren’t any better out there.

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2. Moon Climbing – Moon Dust

Moon Dust climbing chalk

Essential Info

  • Texture: Powder
  • Weight: 300g

Our Verdict – Anti Gravity!

An excellent chalk, Moon Climbing once again excel in the bouldering arena. More of a chunky powder than a fine one, it is pure 100% magnesium carbonate with no additives. This is perfect for keeping good care of your hands!

Apparently, the Chinese gymnastic team use this chalk too! So it can’t be bad. This offers most of the perks of the number one chalk, but it’s just not as dreamlike. Nevertheless, it’s price beats the rest in terms of quality and performance.

Moon Climbing – Moon Dust

3. Black Diamond – White Gold

Black Diamond White Gold climbing chalk

Essential Info

  • Texture: Chunky Mix
  • Weight: 100-300g

Our Verdict – Dries Your Hands

If you have sweaty hands then this is for you. If not, it could be too harsh on your skin. The coverage wasn’t the best, but the dryness means you will never slip off a hold. It does come at a price however, and that is your broken skin!

If you start to use this chalk, you will definitely have to accompany it with bouldering hand cream. Taking care of your hands is essential. Even so, we feel we would never slip off a hold with this one!

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4. Metolius – Super Chalk

Metolius Climbing Super Chalk

Essential Info

  • Texture: Chunky
  • Weight: 70-425g

Our Verdict – A Normal Chalk

It’s not too powdery and last reasonably long. Nevertheless, it doesn’t offer the same quality as some higher up. It feels more like ‘regular climbing chalk’ if that makes sense? The price reflects this too, with it being very cheap.

Overall, if you don’t really think chalk affects your performance that much, then you should go for this one. It’s not the flashiest but it is certainly affordable. It’s easy to apply, but we found we had to go back and re-apply quite often.

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5. Ocun – Chalk Crushed 250

Ocun Crushed Chalk

Essential Info

  • Texture: Chunky Mix
  • Weight: 250g

Our Verdict – Cheap and Cheerful

Ocun are still making their mark in the climbing world and have now released a chalk. It’s pretty decent and serves as a cheap option for many bouldering enthusiasts. It’s very chunky so you have to like this kind of chalk for it to be useful to you.

We found it dries the hand rather quickly too, although it was very easy to apply and we got fairly even coverage after dipping our hands in the chalk bag. A decent option, particularly for those on a budget!

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How to Choose the Best Climbing Chalk

There are a number of things you should consider when picking the best climbing chalk. This can be from texture to price. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, there are only so many ways chalk can be made. We suggest trialling a couple, and picking your favourite.

The Texture or Type of Chalk

Depending on the product, the chalk can come in a big block that you break down, or looser and more powdery. Some prefer a block so they can break it down themselves, others like a finer version already pre-prepared.

Some come in a mix, where there are bigger chunks surrounded by powder. This seems to be one of the more popular ways. This is once again a personal preference, so make sure you buy a product that you want!

Don’t Overthink It

This may sound counter-intuitive, but the reality is there are many big brands out there offering some form of chalk. If we are honest, they will all provide you with what you are looking for. Obviously, the more premium end ones, do try and go that extra mile, but you have to ask yourself is it worth it?


If you can afford it, why not go for the more expensive one? Even so, you can find the performance you need at the lower end too. It is once again your decision. We love the Unicorn Dust, but we are not sure if we would use it long-term due to the cost. Maybe a little treat every now and then, instead.

Overall the Deciding the Best Climbing Chalk Is Up to You!

As you can see, there are many things that come into ranking the best climbing chalk. At the end of the day, you decide what is worth it. We would love a world where Unicorn Dust flies everywhere, but it may not be realistic! Choose one that suits your hands and your budget.

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List of Climbing Chalk

Now we are at the end of this review of the best climbing chalk, we have decided to provide you with a summarised list with their top categories for each product.

  • FrictionLabs – Unicorn Dust – The Best Climbing Chalk
  • Moon Climbing – Moon Dust – Top Quality & Performance
  • Black Diamond – White Gold – Great for Dry Hands
  • Metolius – Super Chalk – Good Price
  • Ocun – Chalk Crushed 250 – Cheapest Chalk

As you see, you are spoilt for choice! Truth be told, chalk is chalk, and there really isn’t that much difference between the top quality products.


As we are now in the final stages of looking at the best climbing chalk, we have decided to bring you some of the most frequently asked questions our readers ask us. Check them out below!

What is the best climbing chalk?

Our definitive answer is FrictionLabs – Unicorn Dust. It provides the best feeling chalk, as well as ultimate performance. It really is one of the most popular brands out there, but that does come at a cost.

Do you need chalk to climb?

Whether you are bouldering or climbing, it is advisable to use chalk. This is to stop your hands from slipping when moving to the next hold. This is especially applicable if you suffer from sweaty hands!

How do you choose climbing chalk?

There are a number of things to look out for when choosing the best climbing chalk. Mainly, you want to look out for the texture of the chalk, and the price to weight ratio. Obviously, the higher performing stuff is more expensive, so try and find what is right for you.