What Climbing Shoes Does Magnus Midtbø Wear?

The new sensation of climbing YouTube is the Norwegian superstar. But what climbing shoes does Mangus Midtbø wear? Well, it’s easy to say that the Scarpa Drago are his favourite shoe, particularly for bouldering and indoor lead climbing.

Even so, the Norwegian has some other shoes stuffed up his chalk bag, and we’ll go through them in the following article.

What shoes does Magnus Mitbø wear when Climbing?

So what shoes does Magnus wear when climbing? Well, it depends on the style of climbing, but his favourite are by far the Scarpa Drago. It is a top shoe, and is well-liked across the bouldering world.

Scarpa Drago climbing shoes

  • Aggressive downturn
  • Tight fit
  • Top performance
  • Very soft
  • Sticky rubber
  • Asymmetrical

You can buy them here:

They are a sensitive climbing shoe and are very high performance. Many top climbers prefer this shoe for comps and other high pressure situations.

What Other Climbing Shoes Does Magnus Mitbø Wear?

As we have mentioned, Magnus has his favourite pair of climbing shoes, however, he has been see wearing other types recently. What must be noted is that Magnus is sponsored by Scarpa, so he only wears that brand.

Even so, the main alternative that Magnus wears is the Scarpa Furia S. A very similar type of shoe if we are being honest. It is perhaps even more aggressive than its counterpart.

Scarpa Furia S climbing shoes

  • Very aggressive
  • For steep terrain
  • Integrated heel cup
  • Soft shoe
  • Great friction
  • Highly asymmetrical

You can buy them here:

Magnus was recently spotted wearing these shoes when climbing. They are highly aggressive and lend themselves well to steep bouldering or sport climbing.

Of course, he wears other shoes too. Nevertheless, these two are his favourites. Here at TopBouldering we have reviewed a plethora of bouldering gear but Magnus is not interested in anything other than Scarpa, as they are his sponsors!


Is it possible to have any more questions about Magnus Mitbø’s climbing shoe preference? Maybe. Check out the most frequently asked questions below. What else would you like to know?

What climbing shoes does Magnus Mitbø wear?

The famous Norwegian wears a few different types of climbing shoes, but his favourite and ones he wears most often, are the Scarpa Drago shoes.

Does Magnus Mitbø wear any other climbing shoes?

Yes, he does. He also has been seen wearing the Scarpa Furia S. Although he still prefers the aformentioned shoes, these are definitely a quality alternative.

Who is Magnus Mitbø?

Magnus Mitbø is a former professional climber who now hosts a YouTube channel. He has over one million subscribers and is the most famous climber on the platform.