What Climbing Shoes Does Adam Ondra Wear?

The undisputable climbing king is the Czech mega-star. But what climbing shoes does Adam Ondra wear? He wears a collection of La Sportiva shoes, depending on what he is attempting.

Ondra has done some of the world’s best climbs, so it is no surprise that he has used many different shoes. What is suprising is he sometimes uses different shoes on the each foot during a climb! This was the case when he sent Silence, the world’s first sport climbing 9c.

Adam’s Favourite Climbing Shoe – La Sportiva Solution

So what is Adam Ondra’s favourite climbing shoe to wear? Well, we’d say it was the La Sportiva Solution. He has worn them (or at least on one foot!) on some of his most famous ascents, including, Silence, Disbelief, One Slap, Brutal Rider.

La Sportiva Solution climbing shoes

  • Slight/medium downturn
  • Velcro strap
  • Top all-round shoe
  • High performance
  • Heel protection
  • Leather

You can buy them here:

They are a fantastic bouldering and climbing shoe. It is this versatility which makes it a favourite amongst the top pros, Adam included.

Adam Ondra Loves The Miura

The next climbing shoe that Adam Ondra loves to wear is the La Sportiva Miura. He uses them mainly on outdoor sport climbing – particularly if the route is a steep one. Most of his extremely harder routes – we are thinking 9b+ and above – are done using these shoes.

La Sportiva Miura climbing shoes with laces

  • Aggressive downturn
  • Comes in Lace or Velcro
  • Top steep-terrain shoe
  • Stiff performance
  • Heel protection
  • Top for edges

You can buy them here:

Overall, these shoes are not for the easy climbs. The stiffness means they are suited for overhangs and more steep terrain. Adam clearly values their performance and he is often seen wearing them.

What Other Climbing Shoes Does Adam Ondra Wear?

Of course, Adam Ondra has other climbing shoes that he has in his rotation. Depending on whether he is inside for a comp, or bouldering in Czech Republic, or climbing a big-wall he will always have something up his locker.

Other Climbing Shoes Adam Wears

  • La Sportiva Futura – His Choice at Comps
  • La Sportiva Katana – Big Wall Climbing
  • La Sportiva TC Pro – Crack Climbing
  • La Sportiva Cobra – Speed Climbing

Naturally, he does not use some of these shoes as often as others. In our opinion, we hope he never wears a pair of speed climbing shoes again! Even so, you can see he varies what he chooses depending on what event or challenge he is partaking in.


If you have any more questions regarding Adam Ondra’s climbing shoes, then check out our most frequently asked ones below!

What climbing shoes does Adam Ondra wear?

The world’s best climber has plenty of shoes he chooses from, but his favourites seem to be the La Sportiva Solution climbing shoes.

Does Adam Ondra wear any other climbing shoes?

Yes. Depending on what route he is tackling then he chooses different shoes. His other favourites are the La Sportiva Miura. He’s often seen wearing these on steep climbs.

What Shoes did Adam Ondra wear for Silence?

Unbelievably, he wore two different shoes! On his left foot he had the Miura and on his right the Solution. He felt like he needed two different ones for different sections.