Too Old for Bouldering: Is There an Age Limit?

If you are looking to get into bouldering but you are an older adult, then you may have some trepidations. You may ask yourself questions am I too old for bouldering? What is the best age? Well, there is no definitive answer. Obviously if you are 80, it may be too late, but those a little bit fresher have plenty of opportunity left!

Naturally, the younger you start any sport, the better off you are. However, that does not mean you can’t start whenever you want! We encourage anybody to have a try. The physical and mental benefits make this a perfect opportunity to further yourself.

If you are relatively fit, you can easily partake. If you have underlying conditions, then it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor beforehand.

Where Should I Start?

We recommend visiting bouldering gyms for when you start. They will provide you with a safe environment and you can also ask staff for help if you ever need it.

Another top tip is to go to classes to hone your technique. This way you will feel more comfortable when you go on the wall yourself. What’s more, there will be many other people starting out, so you won’t be alone in being a novice!

Most people at the bouldering hall will also be very welcoming, so you do not have to be worried. You can simply ask anyone for guidance, and they will usually be willing to help. Just don’t try and compare yourself with the you guns, and you will be ready to get rolling.

Am I Strong Enough for Bouldering?

Bouldering is not only about strength. As an older adult, bouldering should be more about your technique. Have a look at our tips for beginners and take these with you every time you practice.

A woman with muscles

Furthermore, the more often you go bouldering the stronger you will get. Of course, you will be starting with very easy problems, but even these will build your overall power. You will be surprised at how quickly something like this improves.

How Often Should Older Adults go Bouldering?

As an older adult, it will be essential to manage your body. You won’t be able to do as many sessions as your younger counterparts, but that is ok! Take a few days rest minimum between session.

You may find your a more susceptible to injury if you push too hard. Therefore, it is a good idea to listen to any aches or pains you may have and rest when you need to.

Furthermore, during your session, take breaks between problems. At an older age, if you push yourself to injury, you will be waiting a long time to get back to bouldering. That is something none of us wants!

Challenge Yourself

The beauty of bouldering is that it is a challenge against yourself. So it doesn’t really matter how far your progress, as long as you are happy yourself. If you are ok at sticking with V1-V2 range and just going to the wall for a workout, then that is totally fine.

Conversely, you may find yourself looking at bouldering grades and wanting to go one more. Even if it takes you ages to progress you will see improvements every time you go, and it is this that brings the most enjoyment.

Look For Inspiration: There are Many Older Climbers

Another thing that could encourage you to take up bouldering is to look on the internet and find many older climbers that are out there. A great website for this is Here you can find thousands of climbers, who list their age and level of climbing ability.

What you will notice is that there are a surprising number of boulderers and climbers 40, 50, and even 60+. Obviously, many have been doing it for years, but there are some newer additions too!

Ask your friends too. Maybe some people go that you don’t know about, or better yet you can rope them in to go with you!

Bouldering for Older Adults – Listen to Your Body!

Overall, bouldering for older adults should be possible. Naturally, we are not medical professionals and therefore you assume your own risk when you partake in the sport.

However, there are many benefits of bouldering. You will feel stronger, get a full-body workout, and you will also work out your mind. You don’t have to be a crusher, but you can certainly enjoy the sport nonetheless.